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Creating custom work order statuses

Work orders have four default statuses: open, estimate, waiting and finished. You can create custom statuses that are relevant to your work orders. For example, a clothing store can use Sent to tailor and Received back from tailor when a repair is done outside of their store, or by someone outside of their company. Another example is Sent to manufacturer and Received back from manufacturer for work that's done by the factory that created the item.

To create a work order status

  1. From the main menu go to Settings > Custom Statuses.
  2. From the top right, click green + New Status button.
  3. In the Status field, enter the name.
  4. In the Order field, enter the order number to control its display order in the workorder's Status drop-down list.

    NOTE: The lower the order number, the higher the status is displayed in the workorder's Status drop-down list.

  5. In the Color drop-down list, select a background color for easy recognition.
  6. Click Save Changes.

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