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Configuring general options

  1. From the main menu, click Settings > General Options.

Location customization

Location Sets the business location for taxation purposes
Date format Select the date format for dates on receipts and transactions
Currency Select the currency the shop(s) in your account will use. The default setting is your location's currency but you can select a different one.
Tax Model Define whether the sale price value include or exclude sale taxes


Automatically publish to eCom Automatically selects the Publish to eCom checkbox of new Retail items and pushes them to your eCom back office.


Auto Logout Delay Duration of idle time, in minutes, until the system automatically logs out.
Verify PIN Delay Duration of idle time, in minutes, until the system requests an employee's access PIN to be entered before allowing any functions to be performed.


Require PIN Before Each Sale Requires an employee access PIN to be entered before a new sale can be started on the register. This helps ensure the correct user is logged in for each sale.
Require Customer For Serial Numbers For items with serial number tracking, this requires a customer to be attached to the sale before it can be completed.
No Store Credit Refunds Doesn’t allow store credit to be given to a customer during a refund.
No Gift Card Refunds Doesn’t allow a gift card to be given to a customer as a refund.
Without Receipt Refund Credit Only For customers who do not have a receipt, only a store credit can be issued for refunds.
Disable All Inventory Warnings Disables displaying a warning message when you add an item to a sale that is out-of-stock or reserved on a special order, layaway, or work order.
Do Not Convert Singles To Boxes Automatically When you add individual items to a sale that are also available as part of a boxed set, Lightspeed Retail automatically displays the boxed price if the quantity entered in the sale equals to the quantity that is available in the boxed item. For example, if you sell a single soda can for a $1 each, and a case of 12 soda cans for $10, when you add 12 single soda cans to a register, we auto-box it into a case and give it the case price. Enabling this option disables the auto-boxing feature in Lightspeed Retail.
No Discounts on Labor Sets whether discounts can be applied to labor in Lightspeed Retail. The term labor refers to a non-inventoried item with a tax-class setting of Labor and a labor charge that is applied using the Labor button on sales, special orders, layaways, and work orders. When enabled, a discount cannot be applied to a labor charge or any labor item. When disabled, a discount can be applied to a labor charge or labor item. For labor items, you can enable or disable discounting for each individual item using the Discounts Allowed item setting.

NOTE: When you enable this setting, it overrides any Price Rules or customer discounts.

Customize product listing

Select the fields you want to display on product listings.


Require PIN Before Each Workorder: requires an employee access PIN before a new work order can be started. This helps ensure the correct user is logged in for each work order.


Cost Method: sets the costing method to use when displaying reports. Average Cost is most commonly used and averages the price of your inventory on hand over time. Reports displaying a cost value for inventory will be the average of your current inventory records. First In First Out Cost determines the cost of your inventory based on the exact cost of the freshest inventory you have in stock.


Allow my items to be found online.


You can email receipts to your customers and purchase orders to your vendors in Lightspeed Retail.

Disable All Email Enabling this option disables are emailing functions within Lightspeed Retail.
Reply To/From Email Address Enter the email address from which the emails are sent.
Email Subject Enter the subject of your email.
Receipt Email Header/Footer Enter the message that will appear in the header and footer areas of your email.


Set the general printing options for your Lightspeed Retail account.

Label Size

Select the paper size used for your label printer.

NOTE: The dimensions are expressed as width x height. Lightspeed Retail only supports the available label sizes as shown. For example, Lightspeed Retail supports 2.25 x 1.25 labels and not 1.25 x 2.25.

Scan Small Labels

If you have both small and large labels attached to items in your store, enable this to be able to scan both label sizes.

Disable Receipt Auto Printing

Enable this if you don’t want Lightspeed Retail to automatically notify you to print a receipt after every sale.

Cash Drawer (iPad only)

Select which payment types will automatically open the cash drawer after finishing a sale. No matter your selection, you can always open the register manually from Sales Add Amount Open Drawer.

NOTE: This feature is only available for iPad users.

All Payment Types

The cash drawer will open automatically after all sales.


The cash drawer will never open automatically after sales.

Cash Only

The cash drawer will only open automatically after sales paid partially or in full with the Cash payment type. 

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