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Removing sales tax from a sale

Before you can remove sales tax from a sale, in your store's settings you must have either a sales tax or a tax class of exempt at 0%.

You use a tax class if you have items within your local sales tax that need to be exempt, such as groceries, children's items or other tax-exempt items.

You use a sales tax if you need to not apply any tax on one or more items, such as for a customer who lives in a state with no sales tax.

To remove tax from an item

Go to the item's Details section > and select exempt from the Tax Class drop-down.

This item will still be displayed under your sales tax, but at a rate of 0% taxable.

To remove tax from a customer

Go to the customer's Details section > and select exempt from the Sales Tax drop-down.

This customer will not be taxed, and their items will be kept in a separate total from your normal sales tax in your reports.

To remove tax from an item during a transaction

Click the item's description > select exempt from the Tax Class drop-down > and click Save.

To remove tax from an entire transaction

After you add all the items to a sale, click the Set Tax button at the bottom right of the register > select exempt from the Tax drop-down > and click Save Sales Tax.


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