Removing sales tax from a sale

Before you can remove sales tax from a sale, in your store's settings you must have either a Sales Tax or a Tax Class of exempt at 0%.

You use a tax class if you have items within your local Sales Tax that need to be exempt, such as groceries, children's items or other tax-exempt items.

You use a sales tax if you need to not apply any tax on one or more items, such as for a customer who lives in a state with no sales tax.

To remove tax from an item Go to the item's Details page and change the Tax Class to exempt.
This item will still be displayed under your Sales Tax, but at a rate of 0% taxable.
To remove tax from a customer

Go to the customer's Details page, and change the Sales Tax to exempt.
This customer will not be taxed, and their items will be kept in a separate total from your normal Sales Tax in Reports.

To remove tax from an item during a transaction

Next to the item whose tax you want to remove, click the Edit pencil, change the Tax Class to exempt and click Save.

To remove tax from an entire transaction

After you add all the items to a sale, click the Tax button on the right side, change Tax to exempt and click Save Sales Tax.


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