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Searching for items on your iPad

The Search screen of the Retail POS app allows you to:

  • search items,
  • view item details,
  • display items to customers, and
  • add items to a sale.

Because Lightspeed Retail POS caches your item information, you can search items and view their information even when your iPad isn't connected to the internet. While offline, the item information you see is based on the information from when your iPad was last online. As a result, not all item information (e.g. images) is available when you search items while offline.

Searching items

  1. From the top bar of the sale, tap the magnifying glass icon. This opens the Search screen.
  2. Select the mode of the Search screen by tapping the List or Thumbnail icon.


  3. Search for items by barcode, description, tags or filters.

    • Barcode: Scan the item's barcode in the Search Items... field.


    • Description: Type the item's description in the Search items... field.


    • Tag: An item's tags in POS mode are automatically generated from the item's tags, brand and categories in Retail Manager mode. To view items with the same tag in POS mode, tap an item in the Search screen followed by the tag in the Item Details panel.


    • Filters: You can use the search filters to narrow your search results by description, price, category, tag or brand. The filters can be used in conjunction with any other search method to further narrow your search results. For example, you can enter a description in the search field and then filter the search results by tag. Search filters are available in both List and Thumbnail mode. In List mode, you can also narrow your search by selecting a letter from the alphabetical scrollbar.


Viewing item details

The Item Details panel is located on the right-hand side of the Search screen and Sale screen. When you select an item in either of these screens, the following item details display in the Item Details panel:

  • default image
  • description
  • price
  • quantity on-hand
  • remote quantity on-hand
  • tags


Displaying items to customers

With the Item Display screen, you can showcase items to customers in a dynamic way during a sale by swiping through item images and displaying important item details. You can access the Item Display screen when you tap an item's default image in the Item Details panel. The Item Details panel is located on the right-hand side of the Search screen and Sales screen.

  1. From the Search screen, tap the item you'd like to showcase. The item's default image and other details appear in the Item Details panel on the right-hand side.


  2. To open the Item Display screen, tap the item's image.


  3. To display the item brand, category, quantity on hand and price, tap the expand arrow at the bottom of the Item Display screen.


  4. To add the item to a new or current sale, tap Add to Sale.


  5. To browse the item's images, swipe the image towards the left or right.


Adding items to a sale

From the Search screen, you can add an item to a sale in either its Thumbnail mode or List mode.

Thumbnail mode

  1. Tap the desired item.
  2. Tap the + Add to Sale button.


List mode

To add an item in List mode, tap the + icon of the desired item.


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