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Making bulk pricing changes

Adjust or set selling prices for a batch of items. For example, you can apply a percentage markup to the prices of multiple items.

When you create a bulk pricing change, you configure a price adjustment and add items that the price scheme will apply to. The change is not applied until you apply it manually.

NOTE: If you use multi-store and you’ve set different item prices for each store by configuring your multi-store pricing, the price adjustments apply to the store that you’re currently logged into.

  • Newer Lightspeed Retail accounts do not have editable fields for season, department, and model year in the item settings.
  • If you create new items after applying a bulk pricing change, the prices for the new items are not automatically adjusted based on the bulk pricing change. You must add the new items to the bulk pricing change and then apply the price adjustment again.
  • You can edit a bulk pricing change at any time. However, you must re-apply the change in order for your changes to take effect.

To create a bulk pricing change

  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Bulk Pricing Changes > + New Bulk Pricing Change.
  2. Enter a descriptive name.
  3. Select the price adjustment Type and click so that the corresponding price adjustment options are displayed.
  4. Enter the markup, margin, or fixed value.
  5. Set the rounding you want to apply:
    • Maximum Change: To disable rounding enter a value of 0%. Otherwise, enter the maximum percentage that the original item price can be modified to achieve the rounded value.
    • Round To: Enter the decimal value the item price will be rounded to. For example, if you're adjusting the item price to a fixed $200.00 and you enter a round to value of $999.01, the new item price will be rounded to $199.01. Changing the round to value to $999.95 results in an item price of $199.95. This option works in conjunction with the Maximum Change value to determine what the price will be rounded to.
    • Always Round Up: Enable this to always round up to the next available Round To value.
  6. Use the Add Items and Add Multiple Items to add items that the price adjustment will apply to. You can add items individually or as a group. To add multiple items, you can add every item in your inventory or filter on seasons, categories, departments, manufacturers, or model years.
  7. Click Save Changes.
  8. To apply the bulk pricing change to the selected items, click Set All Item Prices.

NOTE: After you apply a pricing change, you can revert to the previous item prices by clicking the Restore Item Prices button.

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