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Creating discounts

You can create discounts that you can apply to sales and customers. A discount in Lightspeed Retail can have either a fixed dollar amount or be a percentage discount. You can apply fixed discounts to individual items, but not to an entire sale. You can apply percentage discounts to line items, sales and customers.

For how to assign a percentage discount to a customer, go to adding customers.
For how to apply a discount to a sale, go to making a sale.

To create a percentage discount to cover a customer's sales tax, use the equation:

r/(1 + r) = x

where r is your sales tax rate and x is the discount percentage that is required to make the sale tax-free for your customer.

For example, a sale taxed at 8% is inputted as 0.08/(1 + 0.08) = x and the discount percentage (x) is 0.074 or 7.4%.

To create a discount

  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Discounts> + New Discount.
  2. From Type, select either Fixed or Percent.

    NOTE: Fixed dollar discounts can only be applied to individual items and not to an entire sale.

  3. Click Save Changes to display the settings for the type of discount you're creating.
  4. Enter a discount name.
  5. Enter discount amount in percent % off or $ amount off.
  6. Select Require Customer to require that a customer is attached to a sale for the discount to be applied.
  7. Click Save.

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