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About adding items to your inventory

With Lightspeed Retail you have two ways of adding items to your shop:

  • importing them from a database or vendor catalogs
  • adding them manually.

If you have provisioned and have set up your eCom store, an item added to your Retail inventory can be pushed to your eCom inventory by selecting its Publish to eCom checkbox. For more information about adding items to your inventories with eCom provisioned, click here.

About importing items from a database

If you’re transitioning to Lightspeed Retail from another POS system, you can import your product inventory from your pre-existing database. This involves listing your product information in a spreadsheet such as Excel or Numbers, and then sending it to Lightspeed for uploading into your account. For how to import your inventory from a database go to Importing inventory data.

About importing inventory from vendor catalogs

Lightspeed Retail comes with pre-defined vendor product catalogs from numerous industries that you can use to quickly import your products. If your vendor’s catalog is not included as part of our pre-defined list, go to Submitting catalogs for how you can have your vendor catalog added to our list of vendor catalogs.

To access vendor catalogs, go to Settings > Getting Started > Product Industries and enable the appropriate product industries.

To import products from vendor catalogs go to importing catalog items.

About manually adding items

You can add products from your current inventory or from vendor catalogs to Lightspeed Retail manually. You can add items during a sale or outside of a sale.

For how to add items go to Adding items.

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