Transferring inventory

Transfers in Lightspeed Retail are available for multi-store accounts only. You can use a transfer to:

  • request an inventory transfer from your warehouse, distribution center, or corporate office/shop. For information on how Transfers can be used with Master Orders for centralized purchasing, go to About centralized purchasing for multi-stores.
  • transfer item inventory from one shop to another.

A transfer workflow involves:

  • creating a transfer request
  • sending inventory
  • receiving inventory

To create an inventory transfer

When you’re request an inventory transfer from your warehouse, distribution center, or corporate office, or transfer inventory from one of your shops to another, you create a new transfer request.

  1. From the main menu, click Inventory > Transfers > + New Inventory Transfer.
  2. Complete the From/Sending Shop and To/Receiving Shop sections by using the drop-down menus for Shop and Employee, and specify a Sent On and Need By date. The From and To Shop selection depends on the purpose for the transfer:
    • Request an inventory transfer from another shop/warehouse: Select the other location as the From/Sending Shop, and your shop as the To/Receiving Shop.
    • Transfer inventory from your shop to another: Select your shop as the From/Sending Shop, and the other shop as the To/Receiving Shop.
  3. Click Save Changes.
  4. If required, add any comments in the Notes section.
  5. Add items to the transfer using one or more of these methods:
    • Special Order items: To see if there any special order items associated with the selected shop, on the left menu, click Special Orders and + Add next to the item. To select multiple items, select the items' checkboxes and click + Add Selected To Transfer.
    • Manually: Search the items across all shops and select single or multiple items to add to the transfer. Under Add Items, enter the item description and click + Add Item. If only one item matches your search, the item is added automatically. Otherwise, a list appears from which you can select the items.
    • Item reorder points: If you have set item reorder points and reorder levels for the shop selected as the To/Receiving Shop, you can add the items that have reached their reorder points for that shop by clicking + Auto Add All under the Auto Add All Items That Are At or Below Their Reorder Point section. You can limit the items that are added by selecting the corresponding Category.
  6. If required, modify the Send quantity for an item.
  7. Click Save Changes.

To send an inventory transfer

After a transfer request is made, the next step is for the sending shop to send the inventory to the receiving shop. When a transfer is sent, the inventory being sent is classified as In Transit, and is not added to the recipient’s inventory until the Transfer is received.

  1. From the main menu, click Inventory > Transfers. The transfers within the specified start and end dates are displayed.
  2. Find the open Transfer you're looking for then click the Transfer's ID.
  3. If required, modify the Send quantity of an item.
  4. Click Send All Items above the Items list. This will change the status of the Transfer to Sent.

To receive an inventory transfer

After a transfer request is sent, the receiving shop must add the transferred items to their inventory when the items arrive.

  1. From the main menu, click Inventory > Transfers.The transfers within the specified start and end dates are displayed.
  2. Find the sent Transfer, and click the Transfer's ID.
  3. Mark items as received using one of these methods:
    • By item description: Under Mark Item Received, enter the item description in the Item Search field, and then enter the Quantity received.
    • All Received: To mark all item quantities as received, under Mark All Received, click All Received.
    • Manual: From the item list, enter the quantity of items received in the Received field for the corresponding item.
  4. Click the Add Received Items To Inventory button above the item list. This changes the status to Received and the received items are added to the receiving shop’s inventory.

Partial transfers and inventory returns

Things don’t always go as planned and partial shipments sometimes occur. If any items are missing from a transfer shipment, after you add the item you received to your inventory, the outstanding quantities remain listed as In Transit in the Transfer. We recommend that you contact the sending shop to notify them of the discrepancy. In Lightspeed Retail you can track any outstanding transfer items, or return inventory to the sending shop.

To track in transit inventory

Lightspeed Retail includes two reports that you can run to track outstanding transfer inventory.

In Transit report Provides a list of Sent Transfers that have yet to be received
Lost in Transit report If you receive a partial transfer shipment (items or quantities missing), this report lists all outstanding items on Received Transfers.

To do an inventory return

If you need to return any outstanding, damaged, or incorrect transfer item, open the Transfer, and then click the Return button corresponding to the item that you want to return. This removes the item from the Transfer and automatically adds the quantity back to the sending shop’s inventory.

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