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About catalogs

Lightspeed Retail maintains vendor catalogs from many industries. We save you the time and expense of manually entering and updating product data by making it easy to import item details directly into your inventory. To have access to the Lightspeed Retail vendors and vendor catalogs, you must select the vendor's industry in the account settings wizard.

You can add item information from a Lightspeed Retail catalog when you create an item or when create a new item from a purchase order.

After you create an item in Lightspeed Retail, you can update the item information by searching for the item in the Lightspeed Retail catalogs in Inventory > Item Search, and reimporting the item. This is useful when you use one of our integrated vendors and an updated version of a vendor catalog is added to Lightspeed Retail. For an existing item's cost, price, and description to be updated along with the other data, you must select Update From Catalog in the vendor's settings.

NOTE: Catalog results are kept separate from your business' inventory items. In Inventory > Item Search, select the Catalog Results checkbox, search for the item, and click Catalog Matches to display the catalog items.

Available Lightspeed Retail vendor catalogs

Lightspeed Retail offers various pre-built vendor catalogs. Click here for a list of pre-built vendor catalogs in Lightspeed Retail. Lightspeed Retail also offers integrated vendors catalogs for automatic catalog synching. 

Adding a vendor catalog to our system

To learn how to get catalogs from your vendor to send to Lightspeed Retail, go to Submitting catalogs. We prefer comma separated (.csv) or tab delimited formats but can accept Excel format. Catalogs must contain item descriptions and vendor numbers. Any additional information vendors provide such as MSRP, Cost, and UPC add benefit and time savings for you. 

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