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Configuring your Giant Bicycle integration

To configure your Giant Bicycles integration, all you need is your account number. Once configured, you will be able to submit your Lightspeed Retail purchase orders directly to Giant Bicycles.

  1. From the main menu, click Inventory > Vendors.
  2. In the list of vendors, click Giant Bicycle to view their details.
  3. In the Account Number field, enter your account number. Make sure that you enter only the numeric portion of your account number. Don't enter any letters in this field.
  4. Select Online Ordering to enable online ordering.
  5. Select your current Pricing Level from Giant:
    • Default / Level 1: Giant level Authorized
    • Level 2 / Level 3: Giant level Premier
  6. In the Update From Catalog section, choose update cost and price if you want your cost and price for your items to update from the catalog when you put them on a purchase order.
  7. Select your distribution center.
  8. Click Save Changes.

Now when you create purchase orders for Giant, you can select the Online Ordering tab. This will show you product availability and enable you to electronically send your order to Giant.

To submit an online order to Giant Bicycle

  1. From the main menu, click Inventory > Purchase Orders > New Purchase Order.
  2. From the Vendor drop-down, select Giant.
  3. Click Save Changes. You can fill in the rest of the available fields before or after you create the purchase order:
    • Reference #
    • Ordered Date
    • Expected
    • Shipping Note
    • General Notes
  4. From the Item Search field, enter an item description and click Add Item. Repeat this step until you've added all the items you want to order.

    NOTE: You can also click Add Item to see all your items and click the Select button next to their descriptions to add them to your purchase order. Alternatively, select their corresponding checkboxes and click the +Add Selected button.

  5. From the left menu, go to the Online Ordering section.
  6. To see the availability of the items you want to order, click Check Availability.
  7. To edit how many items you want to order, adjust the quantity in the Wanted field for the corresponding item.
  8. Once you've reviewed your items and Wantequantities, click Submit Order to officially send your order to Specialized.

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