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Viewing eCom (C-Series) sales reports in Retail POS (R-Series)

When you install your eCom store, a register and employee named eCom is created to support eCom sales in your Retail account. To avoid them being used inadvertently and ensure their proper functioning, they're automatically archived and their names shouldn't be modified. By archiving them, this means that they're hidden and no longer selectable in other areas of your Retail account.

Although this precautionary archiving measure is in place, it's important to note that you're still able to filter for your eCom register and employee in your reporting. When viewing your eCom sales in your Retail reporting, you'll also be able to see eCom item notes.

For example, here's how you can view your eCom sales in the Lines report and navigate to the matching eCom order:

  1. From the main menu, click Reports Lines.
  2. Enter or select a date range.
  3. To show all available filters, click Advanced.
  4. From the Employee or Register filter, select eCom.
  5. Click Search. The results will show all items that were sold in your eCom store during your selected date range.
  6. Select an ID number to open the transaction.
  7. In the Details section, click Online Order to view the matching eCom order.



Understanding eCom item notes in Retail reports

If a sale line has a custom field in eCom with a price or percentage value, it will be pushed to your Retail account as an item note. This allows you to track and understand why the price of an item is higher than it's default price. You can see an eCom item note in the sections below.

  • In the Lines section of a transaction in your reporting:


  • On a sales receipt:


  • In an item's description in your reporting:


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