Managing refunds and returns in eCom

Refunding in eCom

  • Refunds provide credit to the customer without returning inventory.
  • eCom allows refunds through its credit memo functionality in the back office.
  • Payments are made to the customer manually. Refunds made in eCom are not reported in Retail.

To read more about refunding in eCom, refer to Process returns.

Reconciling refunds in Retail

To have refunds in eCom reconciled in Retail, the refunds must be entered into Retail manually:

NOTE: Future changes to the refunded order in eCom are not pushed to Retail.

  1. Create a new refund in retail with one miscellaneous item.
  2. Set the price of the item to the total of the refunded order in eCom.
  3. Select eCom as the payment type to be refund back to.
  4. Finish the Sale.

eCom status transitions

eCom allows refunds with a status of paid to revert back to a status of not paid. To reconcile refunds between eCom and Retail, you must manually update Retail as described above.

Reconciling returns in Retail

Returns in eCom allow you to replenish inventory (items returned by a customer). As returns in eCom are not pushed to Retail, to reconcile eCom returns in Retail you must reconcile the amount refunded and adjust the inventory.

To reconcile returns in Retail:

  1. Create a new Refund in Retail.
  2. Add each product to the sale with the price paid in eCom.
  3. Add any additional non-inventoried costs such as shipping and payment feed as miscellaneous items on the sale.
  4. Select eCom as the payment type to be refund.
  5. Finish the sale.
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