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Setting up your receipt printer with USB connection

The USB connection type connects your printer directly to your computer with a USB cable. The Epson TM-m30II-NT printer can also be connected to an iPad with a USB to Lightning cable.

For setting up printers using other connection types, refer to our articles Setting up your receipt printer with LAN/WLAN connection and Setting up your receipt printer with Bluetooth connection.

What you'll need

USB supported receipt printer

Epson TM-m30 (USB)
Epson TM-m30II-NT (USB)

epson tm-m30 printer.png

Epson TM-T88VI (USB)

epson tm-t88vi printer.png

Star mC-Print3 (USB)

star mc print3 printer.jpg

Star TSP143IV (USB)

star tsp143iv printer.png

Star TSP100U (USB)

star tsp100 printer.jpg

Printer accessories

Power cable Star MC-Print3_Power-cord_AC-adapter.jpg
USB cable (Computer) Star MC-Print3_USB_Cord.jpg
Lightning to USB cable (iPad) lightning cable.jpg
Paper roll Retail-paper-roll.png

Setting up your USB receipt printer

  1. Remove the back and bottom* cover(s) of your printer.
    *Bottom for Epson only
  2. Connect the USB cable to your printer and computer or the Lightning to USB cable to your printer and iPad.


  3. Connect the power cable to your printer and electrical outlet.


    *Some models may require you connect an AC adapter to your printer.
  4. Reattach the printer cover(s).
  5. Turn on your printer.
  6. The LED lights will turn solid when your printer is ready.

Inserting a paper roll

  1. Push the lever on the side of the printer and lift the cover upwards.
  2. Insert the paper roll so the paper feeds from the bottom of the roll and drapes over the top of the paper feed slot. While inserting, make sure the paper roll stays taut and doesn't unroll.
  3. Pull the paper out past the cutter at the front of the printer.


  4. Push the cover down to snap the lever shut.

Connecting your USB receipt printer

  • Connecting your USB printer on desktop

    To set up your printer on desktop, you first need to install Lightspeed Hub on your computer. Lightspeed Hub is a desktop application that guides you through setting up your printer and connects directly to Lightspeed Retail. For detailed steps, refer to our Installing Lightspeed Hub guide.

    1. Open Hub on your computer.
    2. Under Receipt printer, click Connect.


    3. Select USB.


    4. Click Search for printer. Your printer will display in the list as Ready. If not, make sure it's connected to your computer and a power source correctly.
    5. Select Connect next to your printer. If you are not sure which is your printer, select Print test print next to a printer on the list. Otherwise, you can remove the back cover to see its serial number and match it to the one listed in Hub.

    Your printer will now display as Ready in both Hub and Retail POS.

    Retail-R-ready in hub.png

    You can only connect one printer to Hub at a time. To connect a new printer, select Forget device to disconnect the printer that's currently connected.

  • Connecting your USB printer to Retail POS on iPad

    1. On your iPad, open the Retail POS app.
    2. From the Profile screen under Devices, tap Receipt printer.


    3. Set the toggle for Automatically print receipt on or off, depending on your printing preference.
    4. Tap Add printer.


    5. Under Printers on your network, tap your receipt printer model. It may take a few seconds for your receipt printer to appear.
    6. Tap Add.
    7. Tap Done.

    Your receipt printer will display as online on the Profile screen under Devices.

Printing a test receipt

  • Printing a test receipt on your computer

    1. In Retail POS, navigate to Settings > Locations.
    2. Click Customize next to your location.
    3. In the submenu, select Receipt Setup.
    4. Click Print Preview.


    5. Your printer will now print a test receipt, confirming it's connected to Retail POS and ready to use.

    If you don't want to automatically print receipts after completing a sale or refund, go to Settings > General options > General. Then, under Printing, click the Disable receipt auto print prompt checkbox.


  • Printing a test receipt on your iPad

    1. On the Sales screen, tap a completed sale.
    2. On the Details panel, tap Print receipt > Print receipt.


    3. Your printer will now print a test receipt, confirming it's connected to Retail POS and ready to use.

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