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Managing customer credit accounts

This guide is for managing credit accounts for R series only. To process payments for a Lightspeed Golf house account, follow the instructions in our Processing house account payments article on our Golf help center.

Credit accounts are a great way to extend credit limits to your customers, allowing them to pay for sales with their credit account and letting you refund sales in the form of store credit.

Viewing customer accounts

You can manage and view customer accounts by navigating to CustomersCredit accounts. On this page, there is a list of your customers with credit accounts balances and customers that have placed deposits. To view a customer's account, click their name on the list.
List of customers with credit accounts.

In the Credit account details section, you can view and edit the customer's credit limit and view their balance owed. To edit the credit limit, click the field beside Credit limit and enter a new value.
Customer credit account with the customer details section highlighted.

In the Account statement section, you can create a customer invoice and print or email it directly to your customer. You can change the date range, the amount due, and enter a date the payment is due. To print a paper copy of the invoice, click Print.

Create invoice section with fields to fill out and the print button to print off a copy.

To email the invoice to your customer, click Email. Refer to the Emailing an account statement section in this article for detailed instructions.

If you have configured multiple printing languages, you are able to select the language of choice from the dialogue box before you print the invoice. To change your printing language settings, navigate to Settings > General options > Printing.

In the Activity section, you can view transactions by date and amount. To search for specific date range, click on the date field, selecting a range on the calendar and click Search.
Credit account section showing transactions within a specified date.

Emailing an account statement

You can email account statements to your customers right from the Customer account page. If you use Lightspeed Payments, this emailed invoice will contain a link your customer can use to pay their invoice through a secure portal. 

  1. Navigate to Customers > Credit accounts.
  2. Click the name of the customer you wish to email an invoice to from the list. 
  3. In the Account statement section, select the date range, payment due date, and edit the amount due if required. 
  4. Click Email.
    Create invoice section with fields to fill out and the email button to send the invoice to customer email.
  5. If you have configured your printing settings to print invoices in more than one language, choose a language for the email statement.
  6. Review the details in the modal that opens. If the customer has an email address on file, it will autopopulate. If not, enter an email address.
  7. Click Send.
    Sending an email invoice modal with field to fill in email address.
  8. If you use Lightspeed Payments, your customer can click the Pay online link in the email that will take them to a secure portal to complete an online payment. They will then receive an email confirmation receipt for their records. For more information about sending payment links with Lightspeed payments, refer to our Sending payment links with Lightspeed Payments article.

The maximum you can request your customer to pay through the Lightspeed Payments link is 100,000 of your local currency.

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