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October product updates


What's new in Lightspeed Retail (R-Series)

Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series)


Improved functionality on the Billing & Subscription page


Easily review the status of your account, pay your invoice, and manage your subscription on the updated Billing & Subscription page. This new streamlined page ensures you can monitor your account from one centralized place.

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Changelogs for price rule modifications

Access changelogs whenever there is a modification to price rules, right in your R-Series settings. Maintain trust in the system to log whenever items are added or removed to active price rules.

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Lightspeed eCom (C-Series)


Omni gift card customization


Improve your customers’ gift-giving experience and reduce confusion with gift card customization. During gift card checkout, your in-store and online customers can now fill out custom fields to tell the recipient who the sender is and include a personalized message.

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Lightspeed Analytics


Automatic purchase order updates

Ensure sale items aren’t added to purchase orders by excluding discounted items from reordering suggestions. With this feature, items with a margin below the input margin for the trailing sales period will not be recommended for reordering.

You can also delete multiple items at once on purchase orders. This bulk delete option streamlines the editing purchase orders workflow.

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