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Release notes for May 5 to May 19

Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) web

New: New UI and mechanism to enforce locking a register to a device or browser. When users select “Lock” checkbox, all other registers and locations will be greyed out and a cookie will be placed on the browser to prevent accidental register switching.  

New: When performing a refund tied to a previous sale, you can now capture and track which serial number will be returned to inventory.

Improved: Refund receipts will now include serial numbers when refunding serialized products.

Improved: Canadian Merchants can now take advantage of a self-managed onboarding flow for Lightspeed Payments. 

Improved: Lightspeed Capital will now be found in the Financial Services Tab for eligible merchants.

Improved: The gift card search endpoint was updated to specify the total count of results and to allow multiple statuses to be passed as a filter.

Resolved: Resolved an issue when refunding a serialized product where the original receipt would lose information about the serial number sold.

Resolved: Resolved an issue with the Specialized vendor bicycle integration. Now, you can download invoices without errors. 

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