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Release notes for Apr. 22 to May 5

Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) web

New:  Track Partial Order: We introduced a new tab in purchase orders called “Shipment History” listing all shipments received as part of that order. This creates a trusted source of record so you can view what was what was received, when, and at what cost, so you can pay your bills without having to wait for purchase orders to be 100% fulfilled. 

Improved: Changes to account settings are now included in the event log for better account activity tracking.

Resolved: Reloaded gift cards can now be redeemed and bugs impacting gift card redemption have been resolved. 

Resolved: Fixed issues impacting the accuracy of quantity-on-hand so that inventory counts are updated.

Lightspeed eCom (C-Series)

New: You can now upload images in WebP format. 

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