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Release notes for March 25 to April 7

Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) web

New: Introduced a new Financial Services section to help merchants self-onboard and manage Lightspeed Payments.

Improved: Improved date picker on the Gift Card overview page to anchor to most recent date. 

Improved: Updated storage location of change password endpoint to improve login security.

Improved: Added Spanish, Dutch, French, and German translations to Purchase Order templates available to users on our public Github space: https://github.com/merchantos/PrintTemplates/tree/master/purchase_order 

Resolved: Resolved issue causing merchants to be redirected to the sales screen instead of the page they were previously on after logging back in with PIN following an auto-lock.

Resolved: Localized time of gift card activation dates to match transaction history.

Resolved: Resolved an issue where the home dashboard was showing as an hour behind.

Resolved: Resolved the issue that some items did not display estimated price in Price Rules.

Lightspeed Analytics

New: Enterprise Analytics accounts now benefit from the same task automation available in Lightspeed Analytics. Merchants can build, save, and set reports to be automatically emailed to internal and external stakeholders on a recurring basis.

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