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Release notes for Feb 25 to Mar 10

Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) web

Resolved: Resolved issues with PIN Login and Auto Lock causing login loops. Gift cards featuring special characters are now searchable during checkout, resolving transaction issues. Gift card activation and transaction dates are now localized to be consistent with account settings in the gift card details and overview pages. 

Resolved: Resolved an issue where the Home Dashboard would show incorrect transaction figures when starting transactions in a specific location and finishing them in another. 

Resolved:  Fixed an issue where certain reports would erroneously include some of the previous day's information when being run in certain geographical areas. 

Resolved: Fixed an issue where the previous implementation of the serial number picker during a transaction would show when an item had no remaining serial numbers. 

Resolved: Resolved an issue where certain date ranges on certain reports would default to unhelpful date ranges.

Lightspeed Analytics

New: Merchants can now customize their demand forecasts by category and sub-category using configurable dynamic reorder. Merchants can now specify:

  • Trailing sales period: how far back into each category to look to calculate average daily sales.
  • Forecast period: how far forward to plan for or when might be the next time to plan to order for each category.
  • Average vendor lead time: average time it takes for a vendor to ship inventory. 

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