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Selling products from multiple inventory locations

You can enable your eCom store to display and sell products from any of your Retail locations.


  • Make sure to enable negative inventory to prevent inventory discrepancies.
  • Take care when enabling or disabling inventory locations. Once changed, the switches become temporarily unavailable until the calculation is complete. The length of the time depends on the size of your inventory, approximately 1-6 hours.


  1. In your eCom admin, select Settings.
  2. Select Multilocation inventory.
  3. Enable the switch for any location.
  4. Select Save.
  5. Read and select I understand.

Preventing inventory discrepancies

Inventory discrepancies can occur because new eCom orders still pull inventory directly from your primary Retail location. Even though eCom is displaying products from your other locations, it can still only be connected to one Retail inventory, known as your primary Retail location.

Your primary Retail location can be identified by checking for the Primary tag in your eCom admin, under Settings > Inventory Locations. When the primary Retail location inventory level is too low the eCom order needs to be able to decrease the level below zero. This is why you need to enable negative inventory, so you can correct it later by transferring inventory from your other Retail locations.

For example, a customer orders an item from your third Retail store. Your primary Retail location has none of these items. When the order is complete, you may want your primary Retail location to display a stock level of -1 so you can correct it later.

To help you anticipate when you will need to transfer inventory, eCom will display a Stock action required status and a warning message inside the eCom order. This status will appear after an order is paid and before the order is marked as shipped.

Next steps

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