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Products with many incorrect categories

Some products can appear to have many incorrect categories. Symptoms include:

  • Many products are assigned to the wrong category.
  • Many categories are assigned to the wrong product.

This can be caused by how your products were rearranged in the past. It can also be caused when an  import associated categories to the wrong products.

Manual fix

  1. Login to your eCom admin and select Products Categories.
  2. Select the first category.
  3. Scroll down to the Products section and select Manage Products.
  4. Manually select the products that don't belong in the category and select Remove products.
  5. Repeat these steps for every category.

Delete then import

  1. Follow the instructions for deleting categories for all categories that were synced from Retail. If you're unsure which categories are from Retail, realign eCom categories to match Retail before deleting.
  2. Once deleted, your categories and products need to be re-saved to be re-uploaded from Retail. You can facilitate this by exporting all products with categories and importing them. Do this by following instructions to add items to a category via import. You can import up to 1000 variants per import. If you have more products in your import, split the import file into parts less than 1000 variants to import all product-category links.
  3. When the import is complete your categories will slowly repopulate in eCom with the correct product-category links.

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