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Understanding order and product fields exported from NuORDER

For more information on using NuORDER and Retail POS together, refer to the NuORDER by Lightspeed (beta) section on the Retail POS Help Center.

Use the tables within this article to further understand what information is exported from NuORDER and received in Retail POS.

Order fields

When exporting purchase orders from NuORDER, the following order information is sent to Retail POS. 


You can’t receive an order if the Retail POS purchase order Status field is set to Finished. Change the Status to Ordered or Checked-in and then receive the order.

NuORDER field Retail POS field

Brand Name (aka Portal Name)


Brand Sales Rep Address

Vendor Address


General Notes


Vendor Currency

Customer PO Number

General Notes

Delivery Dates

Expected Date

Discount %

General Notes

Order Date

Ordered Date

Order Number

>General Notes

Order Status

Status: Ordered

Price Adjustments > Surcharge

Costs > Other (+/-)

Sales Rep

General Notes

Shipping Costs

Costs > Shipping

Sum of all Line Item totals

Costs > Subtotal

Total Amount

Costs > Ordered Total

Product fields

When exporting purchase orders from NuORDER that contain products that have not been matched to a product in Retail POS, the following product item fields are sent to Retail POS to create the product.

If a product has already been matched to an existing product or was automatically matched by UPC, only the product fields denoted with an asterisk are sent to Retail POS. 

For more information on how to match products, refer to Exporting purchase orders from NuORDER to Retail POS (R-Series).


Product items

NuORDER field Retail POS field
Brand ID (product ID at the style and color level) Vendor ID
Brand Name (aka Portal Name) Brand
Color Color
Discounted Price (order-level and item-level discounts) Unit Price*
Images Images
Line Items Line Items*
MSRP Pricing > Default
Pricing > MSRP
Pricing > Online
Pricing > all other Custom Price Levels
Name Description
Season Tags
Size Size
Style Number Manufacturer SKU
Total Amount Ordered Total*
Total Quantity Ordered Quantity*
Wholesale Price Inventory Defaults > Default Cost

*Only these product fields are updated in Retail POS when new orders containing the same product are exported from NuORDER to Retail POS.

Product matrices

NuORDER field Retail POS field
Name Description
Brand Name (aka Portal Name) Brand
Color Color (as an attribute)
Size Size (as an attribute)

When exporting an order containing a new variant of a previously exported product, a new item is created under the existing parent matrix item.

For example, product C was initially imported with the attributes Size: M, L, and, XL and Color: A10. In a new purchase order, Product C is imported with the additional attributes Size: S and Color: B11. A new item (with Size: S and Color: B11) will be created under the existing Product C parent matrix item.

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