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Release notes for Jan 2 to Jan 13

Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) web

New: We’ve added a new Advanced search option for customer searching, allowing you to “force search” a particular field should a general search not return the expected results.

Improved: When creating a new work order, customer contact fields now benefit from the new customer search, and searching either home, mobile, or work phone number will search all three fields to help prevent customer duplication.

Improved: Admin users will now be able to view external IP address information for all events in the Event Logs. 

Improved: Customer searches using company information will now return faster and more accurate results. 

Improved: New supported image formats (WebP, GIF,JP2) can now be returned as JPEG or PNG when integrating with external services.  

Improved: UPC/EAN starting with reserved prefixes (22,23,24,25) will do an exact SKU search for items before searching through their respective documents (quotes, gift cards, work orders and sales).

Improved: New import logic to allow better management of Vendor Cost, as well as reducing bad data creation.  Please note, accounts with any existing unnamed vendors will need to either remove or name these vendors before proceeding with the next import. 

Resolved: Help info will now be easier to turn off in the home dashboard.

Resolved: Date format between receipts and gift receipts is now aligned.

Resolved: Searching by tag in inventory count now filters results as expected.

Resolved: Searching by tag in the item merge view now works as expected. 

Resolved: Reprinting a gift receipt now respects the previous choice of printed line items. 

Resolved: Saving a credit account entry by pressing the enter key now saves the record as expected. 

Resolved: Headers on Sales Receipts are no longer cut off when updating to hub version 1.7.10.

Resolved: Location controls are now visible in the Home Dashboard for all users with access to multiple locations. 

Resolved: Multiple credit accounts can no longer be accidentally created for the same customer.

Lightspeed eCom (C-Series)

New: We’ve added the ability to charge 0% tax on solar panels for consumers in the Netherlands. This can be set up by choosing the tax type “Solar Panel” in the product setup. 

New: We've updated the shipping labels for PostNL to reflect the change of European and Global package offerings.

Improved: The new checkout now displays customer middle name throughout the checkout process, in the order details, and on printed documents. 

Improved: The discount code now displays next to the discount percentage in the new checkout. 

Improved: We improved the selection of the house number field in the new checkout so that when scrolling the number does not get updated accordingly. 

Resolved: Customers are properly redirected to the order confirmation page when paying with Digital Wallet in the new checkout.

Resolved: When using the Easypost integration, shipping methods now display for orders with a total weight below 29 grams in the new checkout.

Resolved: VAT now shifts for newly created business customers who provide a VAT number in the new checkout. 

Resolved: When company info is a required field in the new checkout, it is now not possible to proceed as a consumer. 

Resolved: When company info is an optional field in the new checkout, the company name becomes a required field when indicating it’s an order for a business. 

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