Importing inventory items

Beta Disclaimer. Please note that the Item Import tool is currently in limited beta testing.

To import inventory items via our Retail Imports team, please refer to this article.

Lightspeed Retail allows you to quickly and easily import your product inventory into your Retail account. This is particularly useful if you're transitioning to Lightspeed Retail from another POS platform or if you want to add new products to your existing inventory. Lightspeed Retail also allows you to update your existing items and import item images.

To help you with the import process, Lightspeed Retail provides the Item Import tool. The Item Import tool uses the data in an import file (CSV or Excel file) to:

  • create new inventory items
  • update existing items
  • import item images

This section explains how to launch the Item Import tool and provides guidelines for importing new inventory items, updating existing items and importing item images into Lightspeed Retail.

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