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Importing images

If you imported the filenames of your item images, you need to upload the image files to your Retail POS account to officially add them to your items. To do so successfully, please note the following best practices:

  • When importing your images, use Chrome or Firefox as your browser.
  • The file size of your images must be 8MB or less.
  • Image sizes should be 650 x 650 pixels or less for the best results.

To import images:

  1. From the main menu, click Inventory > Import Items.
  2. Click the item import that you need to upload the image files to.
  3. Under More actions for the imported items, click Upload images for these items. Group_1__4_.png
  4. At the top-right of the page, the number of expected images is displayed. The filenames of the expected images are also included in the list of items. To upload the expected images, click + Add Images at the top-right of the page.Screen_Shot_2019-10-28_at_5.44_1.png

    Only expected images can be imported.

  5. In the new Upload Images modal, drag and drop your image files or image folders. Alternatively, click Browse and select them.


    You can add more images or image folders while an image upload is in progress. The images will be added to the upload queue. You can also click the Cancel button at any time. This will discard any images that are currently uploading or haven't uploaded yet. Images that have successfully uploaded will not be deleted, however. Closing your browser or navigating away will also have the same effect as clicking the Cancel button. To continue working, click Open a new tab to continue working.

  6. Once you've imported your expected images, click Done to close the modal. The number of expected images will update to reflect the remaining amount in your import file. You can also go to Inventory > Item Search to review the images you uploaded.


    If some images failed to import, please see Fixing errors when importing images for more information.

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