2. Importing your image files

Beta Disclaimer. Please note that the Item Import tool is currently in limited beta testing.

Once you've successfully imported your import file containing the image file names of your items, the Item Import tool will detect and count the expected image file names. You will need to import the matching image files into the Item Import tool. This will officially add the image files to their associated items in your inventory. To avoid errors, follow the best practices below.

  1. From the main menu, click InventoryImport Items.
  2. Click the filename of your import file.
  3. From the More actions for the imported items section, click Upload images for these items. The number of expected images will be displayed.
  4. In the new Image Import section, the number of expected images is displayed on the top right and the expected filenames are in the list.

    NOTE: Only expected images can be imported.

  5. On the top right, click the green +Add Images button.
  6. In the new Upload Images window, drag and drop your images or folders. You can also click the Browse to locate them.

    NOTE: You can add more images or folders while an image upload is in progress. The images will be added to the upload queue. You can also press the Cancel button at anytime. This will discard any images that are currently uploading or haven't uploaded yet. Images that have successfully uploaded will not be discarded however. Closing your browser or navigating away will also have the same effect as the Cancel button.

  7. Once you've imported your expected images, click the green Done button. You will be greeted with a green banner confirming how many images were matched to how many item. The number of expected images will also update to reflect the actual remaining number of your import file.


Best practices

  • When importing your images, use Chrome or Firefox as your browser.
  • The file size of your images must be 8MB or less.
  • Image sizes should be 650 x 650 pixels or less for the best results.


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