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Cancelling orders in eCom (C-Series)

When you cancel an order that is set to Mark as paid in your eCom store, the following changes are automatically pushed to your Retail account:

  • the associated sale is refunded (including taxes, shipping fees and payment fees).
  • the items are returned to your inventory.

The above applies in scenarios involving:

  • Singles, Non-Inventory items and Matrix variants.
  • backordered items.
  • archived items.
  • merged items.

For a more in-depth look at how to cancel an order, refer to the this article in the eCom help center.

NOTE: If your order is not set to Mark as paid yet, refer to the PAYMENT section of the Dashboard of an order article in the eCom help center. Also, if you cancel an order that is set to Mark as paid before it syncs to your Retail account, neither the sale or the refund will appear in your reports.



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