Retail with eCom Guided Setup - Introduction

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Omnichannel retail refers to the seamless integration of your Lightspeed Retail account and eCom store. To help our omnichannel users get started, we've created the Retail with eCom - Guided Setup.

The goal of this guide is to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to get your Lightspeed Retail and eCom systems working harmoniously together so you can start accepting online transactions from your customers.

NOTE: This material is designed to complement a Lightspeed Omni onboarding session. If you are viewing this content and have not yet had an onboarding session for Lightspeed eCom, please contact our Customer Success team to register:

Our agents speak English, French and Dutch! If you're country isn't listed, contact the Customer Success team most similar in language and timezone. Not sure which number to call? Don't worry our North American team is available 24/7 in English!

Before you begin

Before you begin the Retail with eCom - Guided Setup, we recommend you complete the Retail - Guided Setup as it will give you the fundamental Retail prerequisites and knowledge you can build upon. This is especially useful to our omnichannel merchants using both Lightspeed Retail and eCom for the first time.

If you prefer to get started right away with the Retail with eCom - Guided Setup, here is a specific list of the Retail prerequisites you'll need before you begin:

  • Select 10 items that you are ready to sell online.
  • Organize your items into the same category.
  • Assign brands to your items.

What does the guide involve?

The guide consists of 3 levels of lessons that are arranged in a recommended order:

  • Basic
  • Enhance
  • Optimize

These 3 levels are designed to provide a curated collection of lessons that accommodate all our omnichannel users: from the mom-and-pop shops to the enterprises. The three levels build upon themselves and all have one common goal: to get you selling online within their estimated timeframes!


The guide opens by providing Basic lessons curated for our users who want to learn the essentials needed to quickly get their eCom store live with 10 products. Starting with 10 products is an intentional lesson plan. It will introduce you to setting up products in a digestible way so you can take on the rest of your inventory with confidence in the Enhance level of the guide. These 10 products will also give you an online presence so you can sell while you build!

Time estimate: A few hours

NOTE: The Basic level is the only one currently available. The Enhance and Optimize levels are still being created and you can look forward to having them in the near future!


To build upon the Basic level's foundation, next you have the Optimize level which includes lessons that will to embellish your eCom store. By the end of this level, your eCom store will be customized to meet your business needs and will be live with all your products.

Time estimate: 1 month


As a brick and mortar Retail shop, you are competing with stores in your immediate area. As an eCom store, you are competing with stores in the entire world wide web. For this reason, it's our philosophy that an eCom store is never done improving and that optimization strategies take time and are career long. With this in mind, our guide's third level, Optimize, will provide you with lessons on how you can fine-tune your eCom store and get that leg up against your competition.

Time estimate: 6 months +

Progress checklist

To track and review your progress, we've put together a full checklist of the lessons you'll cover in the guide. You can view it in our Retail with eCom Guided Setup - Checklist article. If you prefer pen and paper, click here to download the Retail with eCom Guided Setup Checklist.

Let's get started!


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