Setting your reorder points and desired inventory levels

In your Retail account, you can maintain consistent stock levels by using reorder points and desired inventory levels.

  • A reorder point is the quantity when an item is considered to be low in stock and should therefore be reordered.
  • A desire inventory level is the quantity you want to be at once you replenish your stock. 

One you've entered your target quantities, Lightspeed will compare them to your current stock level and automatically calculate how much you need to order from your vendors or transfer from your other shops.

For example, if you enter a reorder point of 5, a desired inventory level of 10 and you currently have in stock, then your Retail account will automatically calculate that you need to order of said item.

To set your reorder points and desired inventory levels:

  1. From the Main Menu, click Inventory Quick Edit Items.
  2. In the Item Search field, enter your item's description and click Search.

    NOTE: From the Advanced drop-down, you can also use the available filters, such as Category and Tags, to refine your search.

  3. From the drop-downs to the right of the Item Search field, select Reorder Points and Desired Inv. Lvl.
  4. Click Search to add the columns to your results.

    NOTE: To modify the number of results displayed per page, click the blue 15 PER PAGE > enter your desired amount > click OK. The maximum is 100 results per page.

  5. In the fields of the REORDER POINT and DESIRED INV. LVL columns, enter your target quantities for the associated items. Your adjustments are saved automatically.


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