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Entering products descriptions in eCom (C-Series)

Product descriptions help customers understand your products. They also improve your product's ranking in search results. With descriptions and images, your products look complete in your eCom store. For instructions on adding product images, click here.

There are two places to enter descriptions in Lightspeed eCom. When entering descriptions, follow these guidelines.

  1. Add a short paragraph selling your product (256 characters) in the description field.
  2. Add a longer description in the content section. Explain the benefits of your products to your customers. Elaborate on the product history, design and why you are selling the product.


  • Your items must already be published to eCom. For instructions on publishing products, click here.


  1. From your eCom Back Office, click Products.
  2. Click a product title.
  3. Add a short description in the field labeled Description.
  4. Add a longer description in the CONTENT section.
  5. Click Save.

For more information on product details, please see our Managing products article.

Shows the product settings page. Two arrows point to the description and content fields.

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