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Release notes for Dec 2 to Dec 16

Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) web

New: Users can now print customer account statements in any of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and German.

Improved: When starting a new work order through the customer’s profile, the selected customer is now visible.

Improved: Lightspeed accounts with ten or more locations can now see Reorder Points and Reorder Levels for all locations in a new tab on the item’s detail page.

Improved: We added new autocomplete fields in Quick Edit Items to allow merchants with a large number of brands or vendors to be able to access the page.

Improved: Items with an EAN or Custom SKU that begin with "24" no longer encounter an error when added to a sale.

Resolved: We fixed an issue where Gift Receipts were not itemized as expected when using Hub.

Resolved: We fixed an issue with PO Imports where deselecting the option to “Update Existing Items” would still update the VendorID Cost and Item Price.

Resolved: We fixed an issue where certain currencies were cut off on printed closing counts.

Resolved: We fixed a printing issue where a receipt's line items were misaligned when adding MSRP and SKU columns in the custom print template.

Resolved: Customers without credit accounts will no longer show a $0 credit balance when visiting Customers > Credit accounts.

Resolved: Merging vendors no longer causes items to have duplicate VendorIDs, preventing new information from being saved.

Resolved: We fixed an issue where the credit account deposits modal is not showing the correct amount.

Resolved: We fixed an issue where inventory counts would sometimes not reconcile and return an error message: “Not enough stock."

Resolved: Searching for items by Tag in Inventory Count now yields the expected results.

Resolved: We fixed an issue where users could not save a deposit to a new credit account when pressing “Enter.”

Lightspeed eCom (C-Series)

New: Orders delivered by motorized vehicles within the state of Colorado will now charge the Colorado retail delivery fee. Visit our Help Center for more details.


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