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Release notes for Nov 19 to Dec 1

Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) web

New: Lightspeed Hub users can now print a product's System ID separately from the barcode.

New: Merchants with only one currency on their account can now indicate which vendor is the "Default vendor" when performing an import to adjust vendor cost, name, or ID.

Improved: Merging vendors will no longer create multiple identical Vendor ID / Cost information in the Item's details.

Improved: Performing a customer search by entering only two characters in the search field will now return results.

Improved: Capturing a customer's information via your CFD now shows the cashier which customer information would be overridden for an existing customer profile. To learn more about this feature, you can visit Capturing customers information on the Customer Facing Display.

Improved: Product descriptions on labels created in the Label Editor will no longer have overlapping text if the description exceeds the defined bounding box.

Improved: Users can now use the information saved in a customer profile's "Custom" field to perform customer searches.

Improved: Customer searches now return expected results when searching for numerics with separators in the customer profile's "Custom" field.

Improved: Merchants located in Bermuda can now perform a customer search for customers with four-letter names and see expected results. 

Improved: Performing a customer search will now return expected results when searching for companies or names that include numbers.

Improved: Users with access to Reports but not "Inventory Cost" through their Employee Roles can now access the sales tax report without seeing profit information.

Improved: The newly-added Itemized gift receipts (available in Settings > General Options) will now include Footer and Item notes.

Improved: Performing a customer search will now return expected results when searching for combined names.

Improved: Users can now sort the Sales by Category report by category or parent category columns.

Improved: "Default Cost" and "Default Vendor Cost" will now remain synced during cost updates that are performed manually or through the import tool.

Resolved: The Customer Facing Display (CFD) logo will now consistently update when users enable "Invert color on-screen" in Settings > Company Branding.

Resolved: We solved an issue where certain symbols that are included in the End of Day export would cause alignment issues.

Resolved: We fixed an issue where users would be signed out when entering an incorrect PIN.

Resolved: Using Quick Pay when processing a sale will now respect the user's choice of printed copies.

Resolved: Store names with an apostrophe will no longer display incorrectly when performing an inventory export.

Resolved: Ampersands and apostrophes no longer cause incorrect character display in the "Email subject" line when sending a receipt or purchase order.

Resolved: We fixed an issue where users could not select a customer type in Discount Rules if there are more than 100 customer types.

Resolved: We fixed an issue where Shop Names were not printing on customer receipts when this option was enabled in merchant Print Templates.

Resolved: Shop names will now consistently print on receipts for users using the multi-shop logo option in Print Templates.

Resolved: We fixed an issue where merchants using the Lightspeed Hub could not print new itemized gift receipts.

Resolved: We fixed an issue where, when merchants entered a customer's shipping information during a sale, there was insufficient padding around the option to choose an existing address.

Resolved: Print Label list ignores filters when printing all labels.

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