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Release notes for Oct 24 - Nov 4

Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) web

Improved: Merchants can enjoy a new and improved customer search experience. Please visit our help center for detailed information on expected changes in behavior and an overall explanation on how to use this feature.

Improved: Users can expect a confirmation modal when receiving all items on a PO. This is in place to prevent user error.

Improved: An option was added to disable the customer-facing display information capture functionality.

Improved: When insufficient inventory is available for a sale and automatic unboxing occurs, only a single entry is added to the inventory history log for the entire quantity. Previously, an entry was recorded with the initially available inventory and another was recorded with the balance after automatic unboxing.

Resolved: Completing a sale for the same item in the same shop at the same time now correctly updates the inventory. Previously, in several scenarios, multiple inventory movements taking place at the same time for the same item in the same shop could result in incorrect inventory levels.

Resolved: Setting a fixed discount of $1,000.00 or greater in a discount rule now works as expected. Previously, it would reset the discount value to $1.00.

Resolved: GIF images now correctly upload. Previously, in some situations, it upload would not complete properly.

Resolved: The customer birth date field no longer updates when refunding a sale. Previously, this field would reset to the current date when creating a special order on a sale refund.

Resolved: The sales total now immediately updates when manually changing the quantity of a sale line, with an active discount rule.

Resolved: Discount and register rules now work as expected when itemizing sale lines.

Lightspeed ecom (C-Series)

Resolved: PostNL was upgraded to a new version, which now includes the delivery date on the label. This improves the processing of mailbox packages by PostNL so merchants can expect their orders on time.

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