2 b. Catalog Items

Lightspeed Retail maintains pre-built vendor catalogs from many industries. We save you the time and expense of manually entering and updating product data by making it easy to import item details directly into your inventory. This is especially beneficial for new retailers as you can omit a number of items from your import file or avoid from having to add them manually.

To access Lightspeed Retail's vendors and vendor catalogs, navigate to Settings Getting Started. In the PRODUCT INDUSTRIES section, select your vendors' industries. This will add and enable all related vendors and their associated catalogs in Settings Vendors.

Afterwards, you can import catalog items from Settings Item Search, or anywhere in your account that has an Item Search section, by selecting the Catalog Results checkbox and clicking the Import button next to the desired items.

NOTE: To keep your new catalog items organized in your inventory, you'll need to create your categories before assigning them to your new catalog items. For more information, see our Categories article. 

For more information, please see our About catalogs article.

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