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Setting up the Vault STABILITY rotation base

The Vault STABILITY rotation base gives you the flexibility to spin your iPad stand POS screen 180º. This provides your customers and employees an awesome experience looking at your POS.



What you need

  • Screw
  • Rotation base
  • Rotation base bushing
  • Rotation base cap
  • Protective disk

1. Lay down your rotation base in front of you. Depending on how you lay your base, it will offer a clockwise, counter-clockwise 180º or a -90º to 90º rotation.


2. Place your protective disc on top of your rotation base.
3. Set the base of your POS screen on top of the rotation base.
4. Place the bushing onto the post of your POS screen base on the rotation base.
5. Place the base cap on top of the post of the rotation base and secure it with the screw provided.

What's next?

Need help setting up your iPad? Read our setup article to get you going! 

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