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Testing your iPad bundle

Now that you've set up your hardware, make a sale to test if your iPad bundle is working as it should. Afterwards, void the sale to remove it from your reports. We recommend doing this at the start of every business day before you open your shop to customers.



Make a test sale

  1. On your iPad, tap New sale.


  2. Scan an item that you have in your inventory. If you don't have item in your inventory, create one on the fly. To do so, tap Create New Item. Then, enter a default price, scan the item's barcode into one of the IDs fields and tap Create. To be absolutely sure your barcode scanner is working, scan the item again after creating it.
  3. Tap Cash.


  4. Tap Done.
  5. Tap Print Receipt.


You should now be able to scan items, print receipts and have your cash drawer open when a receipt is printed. Congratulations—you've successfully set up your iPad bundle!


Void a test sale

Voiding a test sale is straightforward, but you need certain employee permissions as it involves accessing reports and it can't be reversed. If you don't have the permissions you need, you can simply ask a manager to void the test sale for you.


  1. Tap Manager > Reports.
  2. Tap the Totals report.
  3. Tap the sale's ID.
  4. From the submenu, tap Void Sale.
  5. Optionally, enter a reason for voiding (e.g. test sale).
  6. Tap Void Sale.


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