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Setting up the Elo touch computer

Your Elo touch computer has a 15-inch touchscreen and runs the Windows 10 operating system.




To help you get started, it's also pre-configured with the following:




The web browser we recommend using for Lightspeed Retail (Firefox being the recommended alternative).

For daily access, Lightspeed Retail's sign-in page is set as the Home page. In case you need help along the way, the Retail Help Center is also bookmarked.


Lightspeed Hub

The desktop application makes setting up your hardware easy. You'll need it to set up the receipt printer in your bundle (or other custom hardware you might have purchased).


Splashtop SOS

The desktop application securely gives Support agents remote access to your computer. This way, you can efficiently troubleshoot issues together. We hope no issues will arise, but we'll be there to help if they do.


Therefore, to set up your Elo touch computer, all you need to do is:


  1. Connect it to a power source
  2. Connect it to your network
  3. Sign in to Lightspeed Retail


To connect your computer to a power source, you need its power cable. Then:


  1. Place the computer face down. You'll be able to see the ports better, this way.


  2. Connect the power cable to your computer and a power source.


  3. Note the location of your computer's USB ports. These are the USB ports you'll use when you connect your receipt printer and barcode scanner.


  4. Place the computer back to its upright position, with its screen facing you.
  5. Press the power button at the back of your computer.



Your touch screen computer will now power on. Follow Window's onscreen instructions until you get to the desktop screen. Once there, connect to your network. Then, open Chrome and sign in to Lightspeed Retail.


What's next?

Go back to Unboxing your Elo desktop bundle and set up the next device in your bundle.

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