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Online subscriptions

With Online Subscriptions, your customers can now sign up for your subscription plans through a unique URL that can be embedded on your website.


To make your existing plans accessible online, you will first need to adjust your settings. 

  1. Navigate to SubscriptionsSettings.
  2. Toggle email notifications. If enabled, both you and the subscribing customer will receive an email alerting you to the new subscription and its details.


  3. In the Name field, specify the name of your business and click Save. Once complete, a URL will be generated that links to the landing page of your online subscriptions.
  4. In the Accent color section, you can click the colored circle to edit the color of the buttons on your subscriptions page. By doing so, you can make the color of your Online Subscriptions page consistent with your company branding.


  5. Enter the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy in their respective fields.
  6. Under Shipping country, use the drop-down to select the country to which your products can ship.
    (Note: currently only available within your own country.)
  7. Toggle which of your locations will allow online subscriptions.
  8. For reporting purposes, use the drop-downs to select a Register and Employee to whom the sales will be credited.


  9. Click Save to finish.  

Selling a subscription online

Once you've completed the initial setup stages, it's time to select which of your subscriptions will be available online. 

  1. Navigate to Subscriptions Plans, and select a plan.
  2. In the Online Subscriptions subsection, you can toggle the availability of this plan according to each location. Turning it on will generate a URL that links to the subscription's webpage for that particular store.
  3. In the Description field, you can enter any pertinent details about the plan that your customers should know.

Now that your plans are available online, you and your customers will be able to visit the landing page of your online subscriptions using the URL that was generated during the setup stage. On this page, customers will see a list of all available plans. By clicking View plan details, they can see the descriptions you've written for each.


Clicking Subscribe on any of these plans will take customers to a page where they can enter their payment details and complete their purchase.


Reporting and management

When going to Subscriptions Subscriptions, any subscriptions marked with a Globe.png lets you know that your customer subscribed online.


Should a customer wish to cancel or refund their online subscription, they can reach out directly to your business. Their subscription can then be managed through Lightspeed Retail. Visit Managing existing subscriptions for more details.


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