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Setting sign-in credentials and PINs

Now that you've added your employees, set their sign-in credentials and PINs under the Sign In submenu of their employee accounts. This will allow them to access your account.

Sign-in credentials are the email and password that employees will use to sign in to your account and start a Lightspeed Retail POS session. They'll need the External Login permission enabled in their employee role for their sign-in credentials to work on the Sign In screen.


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Once an employee signs in to your account and starts a session, all employees that don't have the External Login permission can enter their PIN on the Lock screen to access your account and complete their everyday responsibilities.


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In case an employee accidentally closes the session, we recommend having an employee with external login access available throughout your business day, whether on-site (e.g. a keyholder) or remotely (e.g. via TeamViewer). This way, employees who don't have external login access will always be able to enter their PINs and serve customers during your shop's business hours.


To set sign-in credentials and PINs for your employees:


  1. From the main menu, select Settings > Employee Setup.
  2. Select the employee you want to set sign-in credentials and a PIN for.
  3. Select the Sign In submenu.
  4. In the Login Name field, enter a valid email address. If the employee has external login access, this is the username they'll use to sign in to your account.
    Note: Email addresses need to be unique and not be associated with any other employees in any Lightspeed Retail POS account. This applies to archived employees as well.
  5. In the New Password field, enter a password. If the employee has external login access, this is the password they'll use to sign in to your Retail account.
    Note: Passwords need to be at least ten characters long.
  6. In the Re-type Password field, enter the same password again.
  7. Enable the Pin Active checkbox.
  8. In the Set New PIN field, enter the employee's PIN. This is the PIN they'll use to clock in and out and access your account from the Lock screen.
  9. Select Save Changes.
  10. Repeat the above steps for all your employees.


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