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Creating discounts

To apply discounts to a sale, you first need to create them ahead of time under Settings Discounts. You can create two types of discounts:


  • Fixed (e.g. $10.00 off)
  • Percentage (e.g. 10% off)


Both can be applied to individual sale items. However, only percentage discounts can be applied to entire sales. Applying discounts will be covered in the Making a sale article of the guide.



To create a discount:

  1. From the main menu, select Settings > Discounts+ New Discount.
  2. From the Type drop-down, select either Percent or Fixed.
  3. Select Save Changes to display the settings for the type of discount you're creating.
  4. Enter a discount name.
  5. Enter the discount amount (e.g. 20% Off or $10.00 Off).
  6. Optionally, select Require Customer. This is helpful if you need to track which customers are given discounts in your reporting. 
  7. Select Save Changes.


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