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Deleting employee data


In Lightspeed Retail, you can delete your employee data to comply with employee privacy requests. As this is an irreversible action, you'll need the following employee permissions to enable the feature:

  • Settings - Basic
  • Settings - Employee Setup
  • Settings - Employee Account Deletion


Before deleting a employee's data, we recommend that you:

  • Do your due diligence to confirm the identity of your employee before completing their privacy requests.
  • Identify any potential reason why, as a Retail account owner, you might need to keep some of the personal data that your employee is requesting to delete (e.g. for tax, regulatory or payment processing (chargeback) reasons)


To delete an employee's data: 

  1. From the main menu, click Settings Employee Setup.
  2. Optionally, use the available fields and filters and click Search to refine your results.
  3. Click the first name or last name of the employee you want to delete.
  4. From the top-right, click Archive & Disable Login > Delete Account. You're greeted with a warning.
  5. Once you've read and understood the warning, select the checkbox and click Delete this Account.
  6. Click Return to Employee Setup.


The employee account is now officially deleted from your employee list and anonymized in your entire Retail account.


NOTE: If you have an eCom store connected to your Retail inventory, you'll also need to delete your employee's data from your eCom store to complete their privacy request. For instructions, please see Managing privacy requests in the eCom Help Center. Similarly, if you've integrated your Retail account with one of our partners, you'll need to contact them directly to learn what personal data they have and how to complete your customer's privacy request on their end. 


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