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Understanding being an Owner vs. a Primary User

As an owner of a Retail shop, it's important to understand the difference between having the Owner employee role in a Retail Account and being the Primary User of a Retail account in our internal system.

Primary User

The Primary User of a Retail account is the primary contact for our Lightspeed Sales department in our internal system. They're also typically the first employee created in a Retail account and the Username listed on invoices.

As a Primary User, they're the only ones who can change their employee account details and sign in credentials in Settings Employee Setup. Other employees will see the following when viewing the Details and Sign In sections of their employee account:


By securing the Primary User's employee account, this ensures that they'll always retain their level of access to the account. If an employee needs to change the Primary User for any reason (e.g. change of ownership or an IT consultant set up the Retail account initially), then they should email billing@lightspeedhq.com or call our Billing department (select option 3). From there, a representative can collect all the necessary information to effect the change of the Primary User in our internal system. Another way to reach our Billing department is to call Retail Phone Support. A Support Specialist can transfer the employee to an available representative or a coordinate a callback on their behalf.


An Owner is an employee role which typically has the most if not all of the permissions enabled in Settings Employee Roles. This role is typically assigned to the owner(s) of the Retail shop(s). As an Owner who isn't a Primary User, they still won't be able to change a Primary User's employee account details or sign in credentials even if they have all the permissions enabled in their employee role. As mentioned in the previous section, an Owner would need to call our Billing department (select option 3) to make these changes.


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