Adding and managing multiple registers

Lightspeed Retail provides one register for each of your shops. If your Lightspeed Retail plan includes more than one register, you can add a register for each till (cash drawer) you would like to track. If you would like to increase your plan's register limit, please email or your Sales Account Manager. Alternatively, you can contact Support as they can coordinate a phone transfer or a callback request.

  1. From the main menu, click Settings Shop Setup.
  2. Click the Shop Name.
  3. From the left menu, click the Register section and follow the below accordingly:
Add a new register In the Add Register section, enter the Name and click + Add Register.
Rename a register Edit the Name field of the register in the list.
Delete/archive/unarchive a register From the Registers section, if a register has no associated sales, click the garbage icon to delete it. If a register has associated sales, click the archive icon to hide it from the list. To show archived registers, select the Show Archived checkbox and click the blue Search button. To un-archive a register, click the Un-Archive button. 
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