How to read the End of Day Report

The End of Day report is laid out differently than many of our other basic reports. The goal of this article is to help you not only understand the End of Day report but to check it against other reports.

The image above is the End of Day report and the image below is the Totals Sales report. 

End of Day Totals Report
Total Sales


Total Tax Total Tax
Total Refunds (You have to filter the subtotal column to view all refunds)

If you'd like to match your payment types against one of the basic reports, we recommend using the Received report which can be found in the Payments section. 

Things to Note

In Received report, subtract a payment type's Refund Total from that type's overall Total. In the example above, you can see the total for cash is $259.99 which does not match the End of Day report until you subtract the cash refunds. $259.99 ‑ 53.99 = $206.00.

In the Received report, you see that the Gift Card Deposit has a positive $50 and the End of Day report says ‑$50. The End of Day report provides you with the more traditional accountant approach. In the Received report, you can see this is calculated by having the Gift Card (‑$50) and Check ($50) cancel each other out until a payment on inventory is actually made. This is why there is a section for Customer Accounts and Payment Totals separately. So that you can count how much money is physically in your till at the end of the day.

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