Setting up payment processing with Cayan's Verifone MX 915/925 terminal on your iPad

Set up an EMV-enabled Verifone MX 915/925 payment terminal for use with Cayan integrated payment processing in Lightspeed Retail POS.

The main setup steps are:

  1. Obtain your POS credentials from Cayan.
  2. Set Cayan as the payment gateway in Lightspeed Retail.
  3. Connect the terminal to the network and get the terminal's IP address.
  4. Update the terminal to the latest version.
  5. Add the payment terminal to your iPad.

1. Obtain your POS credentials from Cayan

To configure Cayan as a payment gateway in Lightspeed Retail, you need to obtain your POS credentials from Cayan. Your credentials would have been sent to you by Cayan via e-mail typically. If you don't have this information on hand, please contact Cayan.

Cayan POS Credentials
Transaction Key
Site ID

2. Set Cayan as the payment gateway in Lightspeed Retail

  1. From the Main Menu, tap Retail Manager Settings > Shop Setup.
  2. Tap your Shop Name. 
  3. From the left menu, go to the Credit Card section.
  4. From the Gateway Type drop-down, select Cayan.
  5. Select the Active/Enabled checkbox.
  6. In the Name, Transaction Key and Site ID fields, enter the credentials your received from Cayan (see 1. Obtain your POS credentials from Cayan).

    NOTE: We recommend copying and pasting your credentials. If you do, also make sure that there are not leading or trailing space in the fields.

  7. Under Security Options, enable Allow Credits if you want to be able refund a credit or debit card without a customer's sales invoice (ad-hoc refunds).

    NOTE: To do an ad-hoc refund, you must swipe the card for the refund to take effect. Manually entering credit or debit card numbers is not supported.

  8. Under Credit Card Payment Types, select from the drop-downs how the corresponding card type will appear on invoices and sales reports. For example, if you created a custom Visa payment type, selecting it from the Visa drop-down will mark all Visa sales as Visa. To customize your credit card mapping in this way, you have to create the custom payment types in Settings > Payment Types.
  9. Tap Save Changes.

NOTE: If you have a multi-store account, repeat the steps in this section to set Cayan as the payment gateway in your other shops.


3. Connect the terminal to the network and get the IP address

Before proceeding, connect the terminal to your local network and plug it into a wall outlet. If you need help setting up your terminal, see Cayan's help article.

  1. From the terminal's Genius by Cayan idle screen, enter 000 on the device's keypad.
  2. Enter the password 9416557.
  3. Record the IP address as you will need it in section 6. Add the terminal in Lightspeed Retail.
  4. To return to the Genius by Cayan idle screen, press the red X (cancel) button.

NOTE: To make sure your terminal's network IP address does not change, we recommend that you assign a static IP address to it in your router settings. For assistance and information, contact your internet service provider and see Cayan's help article.

4. Test the terminal's communication with Cayan's servers

Once your terminal is successfully connected to your local network, make sure it's also communicating with Cayan's servers.

  1. From the terminal's Genius by Cayan idle screen, enter 000 on the device's keypad.
  2. Enter the password 9416557.
  3. On the terminal's screen, tap Network Test. This will initiate the communication tests.
  4. Once all the tests pass, press the red X (cancel) button on the terminal's keypad to return to the Genius by Cayan idle screen.

NOTE: If the gateway communication tests don't pass, tap the onscreen Back Restart buttons. Once the terminal reboots, try again. If the tests still don't pass, see the Note section of Cayan's help article or contact their Customer Support.

5. Add the Verifone MX 915 as the payment terminal in Lightspeed Retail

  1. From the Main Menu, tap the card reader icon.
  2. Tap Add payment terminal...
  3. Enter the terminal's network IP address and tap Next.
  4. Enter the terminal's Name and tap Next.
  5. Enter the terminal's Terminal ID (optional) and tap Done.
  6. From the list of payment terminals, tap your terminal's name. If the connection with the terminal is successful, Ready appears to the right of the terminal's name.


    NOTE: When the payment terminal is enabled, you won't be able to use a card reader that's connected to your device. Disable the payment terminal to use a card reader instead.You can also view the connection status of the terminal via the status icon in the main menu (see Hardware Status).

You are now ready to process payments through Cayan with your Verifone MX 915 terminal.

What's next?

  • To do a test transaction and learn how to view your payment details, see our Configuring payment processing article.
  • To learn how to process refunds and exchanges on your iPad, click here.
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