Credit card processing on your iPad

Lightspeed Retail POS supports the following integrated credit card payment processors:

  • Element Payment Services (US and Canada)
  • Cayan (US only)
  • iZettle (Finland, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Mexico)
  • Vantiv/Mercury (US and Canada)
  • Worldline (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg)

The aforementioned providers provide payment terminals and processing services compatible with Lightspeed Retail POS. The integration of Lightspeed Retail with credit card payment processors is done in the Lightspeed Retail Web Interface or in Lightspeed Retail POS Manager mode (see About POS and Manager modes). For information on setting up a payment terminal for one of the credit card payment processors listed above, see Payment terminal setup and use.

If you're using Element Payment Services, Cayan, or iZettle you will also require a LAN receipt printer. For a list of supported receipt printers, see Supported hardware.

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