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About labels

Lightspeed Retail can print four different label sizes on the supported label printers. These four label sizes are designed to include important item details, shop information and resize automatically to accommodate the length of their content. You can also easily switch between label sizes.

Supported sizes for labels

You can print standard and jewelry labels in these sizes, in inches:

Standard labels
  • 2.25 (w) x 1.25 (h)
  • 1.25 (w) x 1.00 (h)
  • 2.00 (w) x 1.00 (h)
Jewelry labels
  • 2.20 (w) x 0.5 (h)

Label information

By default, Lightspeed Retail prints the following information on labels:

  • Item price
  • Shop name (not on jewelry or 1.25 in x 1.00 labels)
  • Item description
  • Item system ID (as a barcode)

If you set up your label printer with Lightspeed Hub, you can also customize your labels further to meet your needs.

What's next?

  • Don't have a label printer yet? You can contact your Sales Account manager to purchase one.
  • Have a supported label printer already? Set it up with Hub.

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