Updating your account's billing and credit card information

To update your account's billing and credit card information, please contact our Lightspeed Billing department in your region. Phone hours are between 9am and 6pm.

  • Americas: call 1-866-932-1801 Ext. 3 or email billing@lightspeedhq.com
  • United Kingdom and English-speaking Europe: call +44 20 3695 9599 Ext. 3 or email billing.uk@lightspeedhq.com
  • Netherlands: call 020 - 820 23 91 Ext. 3 or email billing.nl@lightspeedhq.com
  • Belgium: +32 9 298 02 73 Ext. 3 or email billing.be@lightspeedhq.com

NOTE: If you would like to make any additions or upgrades to your plan, please email sales@lightspeedhq.com or your Sales Account Manager. Alternatively, you can contact Support as they can coordinate a phone transfer or a callback request.


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