Making a sale

  1. From the main menu, click Sales > New Sale.

    Add a customer

  2. To add a customer to the sale, type a customer name in the Search Customer field and press Enter.

    To add a new customer click + New Customer, enter the details and click Attach to Sale.

    It's important that you add customers to sales so that they receive any discounts they're entitled to.

    Add items

  3. To add items, you can use your barcode scanner or enter search items in the Item field and press the Search button.

    You can search for an item by vendor number, UPC, EAN (European version of a UPC code), manufacturer SKU, description, custom SKU, or Lightspeed Retail assigned ID number. Doing a search of all of your inventory can be time-consuming. We recommend using the Advanced filters to narrow your search results and quickly give you the results you want.

    NOTE: All users can view product images by clicking the line item and then clicking the product name.

    Apply discounts - optional

  4. To apply a discount to the entire sale:
    In the Payment area click Discount, select a discount and click Apply Discount. The discount doesn’t apply to items added to the sale after the discount is applied.

    To apply a discount to individual line items:
    Click the item you want to discount, select a discount and in the Payment area click Save to apply the discount.

    NOTE: Discounts don't apply to items or labor that are set as non-discountable. See the Discounts Allowed setting in Adding items, or the No Discounts on Labor setting in Configuring general account options. If a discount is assigned to a customer as part of customer settings, you can override or remove the discount in the sale by selecting a different discount or removing the discount.

    Apply labor charges - optional

  5. Click the Labor button, enter the charge amount and an optional description, and click Save to apply the charge.

    Add a non-inventoried item - optional

    A non-inventoried item is anything that's not considered to be part of your inventory, such as shipping.
  6. Click the Misc button, add the price and click Save to apply the charge.

    Add a shipping address

    Take payment

  7. In the Payment area click Payment.
  8. If the customer is paying the exact amount, click Max next to the corresponding payment type.

    If they pay with cash or multiple payment types, manually enter the correct amounts.

    If the customer pays with cash, you can specify the bill denominations.

    If the customer pays with a credit card and you have a credit card reader that's integrated with Lightspeed Retail, swipe the card and keep a customer-signed copy of the transaction for your records.

    If you use an external card terminal, charge the card and on the Payments screen enter the amount they paid as a credit card payment type. This doesn't produce a signature copy.

  9. Click Finish Sale.

    Email the receipt

  10. You can end the sale by printing or emailing the receipt. If you use Customer Facing Display on a touch-enabled device such as a tablet or touchscreen monitor, a customer can tap Email Receipt to send the sale receipt to an email of their choice. From the Send Email Receipt section, they can also select the Save changes to customer email checkbox if they want to update the Email 1 field of their customer account.
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