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Selling and recharging gift cards on your iPad

Gift cards are an optional module that allows you to offer scannable gift cards to your customer that can be easily tracked and managed.


New gift card version

  • You can enable these settings on the web-based Retail POS, or by enabling the point of sale toggle in Manager > CustomersGift Cards > Gift card settings.
  • The original balance must be zero in order to recharge the gift card.

Original gift card version

  • The recharge amount is added to the card’s existing value, even when the value is greater than zero.
  • Enable this optional module on your iPad by tapping ManagerSettings Optional Modules. Once enabled, you can add funds to a new or existing gift card during a sale. Any new gift cards sold or recharged will be automatically activated or updated in Manager Customers Gift Cards.


  1. From the Profile screen, tap New Sale.
  2. Tap + > Gift Card.
  3. Scan or enter the gift card barcode number. It can be the barcode number of a new or existing gift card.
  4. Tap Next.
  5. Enter the amount you want to add to the gift card. If you're recharging an existing gift card, the gift card's current balance will display and the amount will be added to it.
  6. Tap Done. The gift card will be added to the sale as a line item.
  7. Process the payment. For more on processing payments, please see Step 5 of the Making a sale on your iPad article.
  8. Tap Finish Sale.

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