Selling and recharging gift cards on your iPad

The following steps detail how to sell (activate) a new gift card, and add funds to (recharge) a previously sold gift card. When selling a new gift card, it's automatically activated and added to your account once the payment is processed.

  1. Access a sale session.
  2. Tap the Edit icon, and then tap Activate/Recharge Gift Card.

  3. Tap Amount, and then enter the dollar amount to add to the new or existing gift card's balance.

  4. Scan the gift card barcode, or tap Gift Card and then enter the gift card barcode number manually. If you're recharging a previously sold gift card, the gift card's current balance appears and the new amount will be added to the card’s existing balance.

  5. Tap Add to add the gift card to the sale. The gift card appears as a line item in the sale.

  6. Process the payment. For more information, see our Processing payments on your iPad article.
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